Kelsie Brown

Assistant Project Manager

With an eye for even the smallest details and truly enviable organizational proficiencies, Kelsie Brown is the ideal team member for coordinating Cornerstone’s projects. She carefully reviews plans and schedules, keeping close tabs on deadlines and budgets in addition to setting up and attending construction meetings. Kelsie meticulously prices out materials, seeking the greatest value for each building partner and their future clientele. Her excellent interpersonal skills make her a genuine asset to any project, and she works swiftly and adeptly to bring all the particulars together for a successful endeavor.

Kelsie is highly family and community-minded. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and three dogs, especially snuggling up on the couch for a good movie. Kelsie is also deeply passionate about helping those in need and loves giving back to the community whenever possible. She values the work of those that stand in solidarity with oppressed communities and strives to be part of a positive change.