What We Do

Cornerstone Projects Group offers clients an unrivaled service and a commitment founded on the simple principle of stewardship: lead in the developmentarchitecture and construction of real estate investments by serving the individual needs of each client. Our team of experienced professionals collaborates to provide a complete solution, managing all aspects of real estate development so our clients can focus on what they do best.

How We Do It

Relationships are everything to us. We take time to get to know and build a partnership with our clients based on trust, expertise and value. Leveraging our multi-faceted backgrounds in architecture, business administration, finance, engineering, construction, and marketing, Cornerstone educates and supports our clients through the entire real estate development process, accounting for the current implications and future impact of every decision. We feel an integrated services approach is the best way to ensure a project’s success, saving our clients time, frustration, risk and costs.

Why We Do It

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, we know and appreciate the North Texas market. We believe major change can be effected from the right real estate development and our legacy depends upon it. Our mission is to breathe life into underdeveloped urban areas and revitalize historical districts to become attractive destinations for residents, employers, and retailers. By balancing consumer need with environmental stewardship, our sustainable method increases the real estate’s value to the city, and most importantly, makes a difference in the communities we serve.