Hamilton County Courthouse

Located in the heart of a 3,000-resident city, the Hamilton County Courthouse stands proudly at the crossroads of Highway 281 and Main Street. It is the second courthouse to occupy this site, as fire destroyed the first in 1886. Originally constructed in 1887 using the Second Empire architectural style, the county later adapted the structure to the Romanesque Revival style, adding rough stonework for a more castle-like appearance.

Through a Texas Historical Commission Courthouse Restoration Grant, stakeholders secured current Cornerstone staff as the restoration architect, knowing they would be able to do careful justice to the courthouse’s design and honor its history. Cornerstone conducted site visits and conferred with local historical experts, taking the time to understand the project’s context and what areas needed special attention. The team provided architectural drawings and specifications satisfying both the county and the Texas Historical Commission.


Hamilton, TX

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  • Architecture

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