Texas Renal Ventures

Texas Renal Ventures leadership approached Cornerstone with a proposition: converting a 30-year-old, 13,000-square-foot restaurant building into a full-service kidney dialysis space and medical office. Cornerstone signed on to this involved construction project and began investigating. The site review revealed that the structure possessed all of its original mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The aging utility systems and sewage lines were in dire need of replacement as well, leading Cornerstone to determine that the building required a complete overhaul.

Cornerstone strategically demolished the building’s interior and all accompanying systems. As the team progressed, they uncovered additional unexpected issues that caused the project’s scope and budget to fluctuate. Despite these setbacks, Cornerstone adjusted the budget accordingly and was able to remedy the surprise situations without impacting the set delivery schedule.

With demolition complete, constructing the medical spaces began. Cornerstone built in spacious offices and artistic ceiling elements. Wide doors allow easy passage throughout the building for clients who require mobility assistance. This modern facility adheres to all codes and regulations befitting a dialysis center and continues to serve the northern portion of Fort Worth.


Fort Worth, TX

Project Size

13,000 square feet


  • Construction

Property Type

  • Office
  • Healthcare